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Project Summary

The applicant proposes a seven lot subdivision on a total of 59.6 acres at the end of Gull Bay Road Extension.  6 of the 7 lots will have lake access.  The property has a Rural Use APA Land Use Designation.  The project will have a 2100 lf 16' wide gravel road for access to the lots.  Individual on-site wastewater treatment systems are proposed and on-site wells are proposed for water supply.  A stormwater management plan has been prepared utilizing the minor project design criteria.  Stormwater management is proposed along the proposed subdivision road and consists of a 2' x 2' infiltration trench.  There is not stormwater management information provided for the proposed development on the individual lots.  Two of the lots are to be gifted to family members.  The APA has declared jurisdiction over 4 of the 6 proposed lots.  The applicant's engineer claims that stormwater management is possible on the individual lots.  For the November 2010 meeting, the applicant stated meetings have been held with APA and the density is within APA regulations and they prefer to obtain preliminary approval before submitting to the APA.  The applicant submitted a Short Environmental Assessment Form.  The applicant stated they have reached out to all residents on the private road about the condition and said there is no formal agreement on the maintenance and it would be difficult to reach one.  The applicant stated they have met on site with APA engineer to review the site for practicable locations for house site but it was not a “long term investigation” and state all sites shown are acceptable sites.  JUNE 2011 - Applicant made presentation to Planning Board with updated plans including individual lot site plans and stated that the APA and LGPC submissions have not been made.  FEBRUARY 2012 - The applicant made submission to the Town of Putnam Planning Board with revised plans that provided updates on submittals to the Lake George Park Commission and the Adirondack Park Agency.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns about the grades on the property and the suitability to construct a road on 60% grades.  The Waterkeeper has questions about the proposed stormwater management for the road and would recommend a major stormwater management plan be prepared for all disturbances on the site.  Additionally, the stormwater management plan is incomplete and segments the project.  There is concern about the extent of disturbance, clearing and grading required to accommodate development on the steep slopes of the lots and a visual assessment should be performed.  The owner is already advertising “Lots For Sale” with a large sign along the lake shore.  Upon review of the preliminary plans, concerns remained regarding the lack of a compliant stormwater management plan, failure to submit an application to the LGPC, onsite wastewater treatment systems on slopes that exceed allowable slopes, extent of disturbance for road construction, failure to show final contours, need for visual assessment and lack of detail for the proposed covenants.  January 2011 Revisions - The Waterkeeper remained concerned about the disturbance for the development of the individual lots, details on the onsite wastewater treatment systems and misrepresentations in the calculations of the stormwater management report.  The Waterkeeper submitted extensive comments on the Stormwater Management Permit to the Lake George Park Commission regarding misrepresentation in runoff values; failure to comply with LGPC regulations regarding cold climate conditions, separation to wastewater treatment systems, and pretreatment requirements;  incorrect impervious cover in calculations; protection of proposed infiltration areas; incorrect areas of infiltration application in infiltration trenches and numerous individual site concerns.

Waterkeeper Comments

See Lake George Waterkeeper comments to Town of Putnam Planning Board October 2010, November 2010 and February 2011;  See comments to the Lake George Park Commission February 2012.

Next Meeting

The Town of Putnam Planning Board accepted the application at the August 11, 2010 meeting and determined the project to be a major subdivision.  The Planning Board requested deeds for the access to the site, expressed concern about the limited number of turnarounds and the ability for emergency vehicles to access the site, questioned the applicant regarding the status of the APA and LGPC permits.  The Planning Board required a stormwater management plan for the road but not for the individual lots.  The application was tabled pending additional information.  At the October 13, 2010 Planning Board meeting, the Planning Board inquired about the ownership of the proposed road; asked about covenants and restrictions on the lots and maintenance of the road; requested additional contour information; and stressed the need to work with the existing residents on Gull Bay Road Extension to make the road more safe.  The Planning Board accepted the preliminary plat and scheduled a public hearing for November 10, 2010 pending the submission of: roadway maintenance restrictions; 2 foot contours; road cross sections; written request for a waiver from frontage on public roads; easement information.  The Town Board expressed concern about the proposed project and felt the public hearing was premature due to the information not being available for review.  At the November 2010 public hearing, residents expressed concern about potential impacts of construction to the existing road, safety of the road, need to upgrade the road and concern about the number of docks and lake rights for Lot 7.  The Planning Board is having the Town attorney review the deeds regarding local access, ability to expand the access and whether the subdivision meets the Town standards for access.  The Planning Board closed the public hearing and there was a mutual agreement with the applicant to extent the time frame to render a decision.  The Planning Board tabled the application pending additional information regarding:  existing access road and if it can be improved/widened for safety; waiver to access to public road; concerns about the amount of fill for the subdivision road and wastewater treatment sites.  February 2011 - At the February 9, 2011 Putnam Planning Board meeting, the Planning Board expressed concern about the Gull Bay Road improvements and mechanism to set up, Homeowners agreement, and concern about the septic systems, builability of the lots and stormwater plans.  The Planning Board granted preliminary approval 4-3 but refused to perform SEQR review claiming it was premature and information was lacking.  The waiver for the frontage on public roads was granted for the subdivision.  The application was tabled pending an opinion from the Town Attorney on the SEQR review.  JUNE 2011 - The applicant requested the Town of Putnam Planning Board declare themselves lead agency for SEQR review.  Planning Board stated they would not start SEQR process until APA and LGPC submissions are made and feedback is provided.  The Planning Board provided a 6 month extension for a decision.  The applicant requested no action on the SEQR until input is received from the APA.  FEBRUARY 2012 - The Town of Putnam Planning Board admitted there have been errors in the approval process and will attempt to correct.  The Planning Board determined to be Lead Agency for SEQR review and initiate a coordinated review.  SEQR will apply to the three proposed gift lots (Lots 2,3 & 6) since APA will not review those lots.  APA will review Lots 1,2,5 & 7.  A Public Comment Period was held by the Lake George Park Commission regarding the Stormwater Permit through February 14, 2012.  The applicant attended the July 11, 2012 Town of Putnam Planning Board meeting to discuss the status of the project and have a workshop meeting to review the Full Environmental Assessment Form.  The Board determined the action was Type I and the EAF was reviewed.  The Board determined the project action could have large impacts to physical changes to the property, affect surface water quality, alter drainage patterns, alter surface water runoff and will affect Critical Environmental Areas.  The application was tabled until the August 8, 2012 Planning Board meeting.  AUGUST 2012 - The Planning Board informed the applicant necessary information was lacking for the review of the EAF.  The applicant stated a recent submission was made to the APA and a submission was pending to the LGPC.  The Board had questions regarding the Gull Bay Road Extension, stormwater runoff reduction from the proposed lots and maintenance along Gull Bay Road.  The Planning Board adopted a resolution for the Town to hire an engineer for review.  OCTOBER 2012 - The applicant received a third Incomplete Application Notification from the APA.  The applicant requested a 6 month extension to the preliminary approval and stated a resubmission was made to the LGPC and a resubmission to the APA was pending.  The Town of Putnam Planning Board granted a 6 month extension for the preliminary plan approval.

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