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Friday, May 20, 2011

Project Summary

Applicant proposes to remove existing hardsurfacing patio, retaining walls and walkways along the shoreline and replace with permeable surfacing, plantings and new retaining walls.  Replacement of an upland retaining wall and hard surfacing within 50 feet of shoreline in a WR zone requires Planning Board review and approval.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has documented algal blooms off this and adjacent properties and supports the use of permeable pavers to replace existing asphalt and concrete.  Other issues on this site should be discussed by the Planning Board before final site plan approval, specifically the location and order of project sequence for the replacement of the onsite wastewater treatment system (OWTS).  “Replacement of OWTS” is noted in the application but no details have been submitted.  Two single family dwellings are located on this 0.37 acre lot.  With very little open space (two SFDs, driveway, patios and walkways cover most of the site), the location of the OWTS should have been included on the submitted site map, but was not.  Proposed shoreline buffer plantings should be enhanced with the amount of impervious coverage on the lot (46% currently).  The use of rain gardens to infiltrate and treat stormwater on this property should be conditioned.

May 2011:  the applicant revised their proposed site plan, expanding the width of their shoreline buffer and supplementing with additional plantings.  Existiing vegetation will remain (no disturbance), a compliant OWTS will be designed and installed, rain gardens will be used for stormwater management and the applicant has labeled their Landscape Plan with a note stating that the use of all fertilizers and pesticides on lawn and garden will be prohibited.  The Waterkeeper supports the applicant's initiative to proactively install measures on their property to “restore and protect the water quality” (as stated by one PB member after the Waterkeeper's verbal comments).

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letters to the Town of Queensbury Planning Board March and May 2011.

Next Meeting

The Town of Queensbury Planning Board meeting on March 24, 2011 discussed the application and tabled it until the May 17, 2011 PB meeting with the following requirements: 1) all pavers must be permeable and therefore documented as such; 2) landscape plans must replace invasive plant species with native comparables; 3) notation on site plan that no fertilizers will be used on the property; 4) address engineering comments; and 5) address open items in the staff notes.  The applicant satisfied these requirements and at the May 17, 2011 PB meeting the application was approved without conditions.

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Site Plan 20-2011
Queensbury, NY 12804