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Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Summary

Applicant is building a single family residence in the recent subdivision of Lochlea.  Revised plans were submitted at the June 2012 PB meeting showing that the garage was now 50ft from English Brook (initially presented at 40ft).

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns about the amount of clearing due to the increased footprint of the proposed SFD. Prior to subdivision approval, the applicant stated that there would be minimal clearing and grading on this Lot #3.  The proposed site plan now shows clearing and grading of the entire lot (¼ acre), with removal of all existing tree except some birches. 
At the 7/18/12 VLG PB meeting, the Waterkeeper comments encouraged 'orange snow fencing' to delineate 'NO CUT' areas, a more detailed landscape plan so that half the lot wouldn't be mulch with no vegetation (letter included a photo of mulch that had washed down the hill on Lochlea), questionable 'trees to remain' as it was not clear on the final plan and the limits of clearing could have been reduced to save more existing vegetation, and a photo of the algal blooms just off shore of English Brook (to which the applicant stated that both photos were in the Town of Lake George and not the Village).  English Brook is the dividing line between the TLG and the VLG, and therefore the photos were not related to one or the other.

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Village of Lake George Planning Board for April, June and July 2012.

Next Meeting

The Village of Lake George Planning Board has not yet held a public hearing on this application, although comments from the PB were reflective of Waterkeeper comments submitted, addressing limits of clearing and overall disturbance to the lot.  The PB has asked the applicant to resubmit a landscape plan with trees and shrubs and to leave some of the existing trees on the lot, with a no touch zone.  Applicant and architect were given DIYWQ guides after the meeting and Waterkeeper reached out to assist in revising the landscape plan. 
At the 7/18/12 VLG PB meeting, the SFD 50 ft from English Brook was approved with no conditions.  Applicant added a small 'no disturbance' area at the rear of the lot closest to English Brook.  The VLG PB member who insisted on less clearing and possibly a smaller SFD that would better fit the lot and require less over all disturbance was not present at the meeting.

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