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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project Summary

Applicant is building a single family residence in the recent subdivision of Lochlea.  SKETCH Plan review took place March 21, 2012.  Applicant has now submitted final, engineered (stamped) plans.  Applicant has confirmed – no changes have been made since Sketch Plan review.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns regarding the Lochlea subdivision approval, where minimal clearing, small homes and 50 ft setback to clearing from English Brook were presented as material representation of the proposed subdivision and subsequently approved.  Contrary to the TLG/VLG PB subdivision approvals, the Lochlea Offering Plan states that home footprints cannot exceed 2700sf, greater than 2x what was discussed during PB deliberation (1000 to 1200sf footprints).  This proposed home is also setback from English Brook only 20ft vs. 50ft that was initially presented by the applicant.  The project proposes to clear and grade the entire lot.  Regarding the variance application, the Waterkeeper concerns include the presence of alternatives (reduce size of house to approved plans and relocated further from the stream) and environmental impacts (reduction in stream buffer resulting in reduced sedimentation and pollutant control, thermal impacts, light penetration, and runoff reduction) as well as contributing to the cumulative negative impacts in the English Brook watershed.

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letters to the Village of Lake George Planning Board for March and April 2012.  See comment letter to the Village of Lake George Zoning Board of Appeals for September 2012.

Next Meeting

The Village of Lake George Planning Board tabled this application asking the TLG PB to address SEQR: 1) whether homes greater than 1200sf and 2) setbacks less than 50 ft would negatively impact the environment and change the negative declaration of the SEQR (previously deliberated and approved).  The TLG PB stated that the material changes did not impact the environment and that the 'neg dec' stands.  VLG Planning Office holds that 50ft setback to English Brook is required, regardless.  Applicant sought a  ZBA determination on the buffer setback, which was held on July 11, 2012 at the scheduled ZBA meeting.  Outcome of the determination declared that the ZBA stands with the approved 50ft setback to English Brook.  Applicant filed for a 30ft variance so that the proposed SFD could remain at the 20ft setback from English Brook (ZBA meeting Public Hearing on 9/5/12).  Based on the support of the stream buffer, the applicant revised the plan for a building setback of 42' and garage setback of 37'.  At the September 5, 2012 Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, the applicant stated the variance should be approved based there would be no impact on the stream, the supplemented stream buffer was supported by Cornell Cooperative letter, limited tree clearing and the amount of stormwater management provided.  The ZBA felt there would be no impact to English Brook from the project and were impressed with the stormwater management system.  The variance was granted without conditions, 3-1.

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Project Address

Lot 2, Lochlea Subdivision
Lake George, NY 12845