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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Project Summary

The applicant proposes a two lot subdivision, creating a 1.3 acre lot from a larger parcel.  The land is designated Low Intensity Use by the APA.  A stormwater management plan was prepared and submitted to the Lake George Park Commission.  The Planning Board expressed concern about the existing boathouses and the setback of the proposed on-site wastewater treatment system from an intermittent stream.

UPDATE - In response to correct an existing washout which resulted in a water quality violation, the owner was required to replace culverts removed on Gull Bay Road.  A plan was submitted to the LGPC and a series of culverts were placed under Gull Bay Road.  The culverts were installed but the project was not completed:  areas are left unstabilized without matting, rip rap or vegetation and erosion is evident.  Document was submitted to the LGPC in August 2010.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper is concerned about the impact on the existing stream on the property and the ability to provide stormwater management and wastewater treatment on the lake side lot.

Waterkeeper Comments

The Waterkeeper is preparing comments for the December 2008 public hearing.

Next Meeting

A public hearing has been scheduled by the Town of Putnam Planning Board for Wednesday, December 10, 2008 at 7:00 PM.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

Project Address

Gull Bay Road Extension Culvert
Putnam, NY 12861