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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Project Summary

The applicants propose a land swap that would connect two properties owned by the Lake George Land Conservancy (Gull Bay Preserve and Gabriels tract) while providing a building lot for Royal Anchorage Estates.  The lot to be conveyed to the LGLC is from the common property of the Royal Anchorage HOA and is unbuildable, comprised mostly of wetlands, with an acreage of 2.96 acres.  The lot to be conveyed to Royal Anchorage Estates would be 5.28 acres and is located off Sagamore Road.  The lot has steep access and soil testing was scheduled with the APA.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper does not oppose the conveyance of land to the LGLC but has concerns about the potential increase in density of the Royal Anchorage Estates and whether there would be lake access granted to the new lot.  This may violate APA permit conditions.

Waterkeeper Comments

No comments at this time.

Next Meeting

The Town of Putnam Planning Board discussed the application at their June 8, 2011 Planning Board meeting.  It was determined the application would be separated into two separate 2-lot subdivisions.  The Royal Anchorage subdivision would be creation of a non builable lot and would require a waiver from the Code based on the fact that the land does not provide sufficient land to build on due to wetlands.  The LGLC subdivision would require the determination that the lot was a buildable lot and rerquire water, sewer, house location and stormwater along with a topographic map as well as input from the APA.  The applications were tabled pending additional information.

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Project Address

Gull Bay Preserve and Gabriels tract
Putnam, NY 12861