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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Summary

Applicant proposes a five lot subdivision (four building lots and one to be retained by the owner) on Mossy Point Road (150.83-2-1).  The project is located in Medium Density Residential Zoning and in Moderate Intensity APA Land Use class.  Wetlands have been delineated by the APA on-site.  The applicant proposes a 50-foot no disturbance buffer around all wetlands.  The applicant provides a building envelope on each property and the Planning Board requested stormwater management design for each lot.  The project will require a Lake George Park Commission permit for a major stormwater project, which has yet to be submitted.  The proposed lots will be serviced by the new Black Point Road sewer district and on-site water supplies.  The Adirondack Park Agency determined the application was complete in December 2009 and announced a public hearing.  

Waterkeeper Perspective

There are numerous concerns of the Waterkeeper regarding the proposed project.  First, the entire site is very saturated and there have been no soil investigations to determine if stormwater management is possible in accordance with the LGPC regulations.  Standing water is evident in road side ditches as well as on the property.  This will prevent infiltration and require significant fill for construction.  The submitted stormwater management plan fails to meet the requirements.  Will there be restrictions on future development?  Does the project provide contractual access to the lake?  There is a question about potential segmentation in the previous subdivided lots and whether those should be considered as part of the subdivision.  The Waterkeeper submitted comments to the public hearing for the Adirondack Park Agency addressing many of the concerns expressed to the Town of Ticonderoga Planning Board.

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Town of Ticonderoga Planning Board June 2009.   See comment letter to the Adirondack Park Agency January 2010.

Next Meeting

The Planning Board expressed concern about the site conditions and the ability to provide stormwater management.  The Planning Board requested additional information: soil test information; depth to groundwater on each lot; DEC and Army Corp wetland determination and topographic information.  The Planning Board will hire an outside engineering consultant to review the application.  The public hearing has been held open.  The Planning Board received a comment letter from the Town Engineer at the July 2, 2009 meeting and allowed the applicant a month the review the letter and prepare responses.  It is anticipated to be discussed at the August 6, 2009 Planning Board meeting.   The Adirondack Park Agency announced a public hearing on the application in December 2009 and accepted comments until January 18, 2010.

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Project Address

Mossy Point Road
Ticonderoga, NY 12883