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Friday, January 18, 2013

Project Summary

Applicant proposes construct a two-story dwelling with attached garage totaling 3,171 sf located on the south end of Forest Road (226.19-1-39).  The project is located in the WR Zoning District and is designated as Moderate Intensity Use on the Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Map.  Disturbance within 100 feet of a wetland requires both Site Plan Review and Freshwater Wetlands Permit review by the Planning Board. The project proposes on-site wastewater treatment and an on-site water supply. Stormwater management is proposed with three rain gardens located throughout the property.  Access to the site requires the extension of a Town Road.  The application submission contained no information for stormwater management for the proposed road extension.  JANUARY 2013 - The Town determined a total of 7 variances were required for the application for setbacks for infiltration devices to wetlands, separation to groundwater and need for infiltration extending below frost line.  The application was revised and the rear rain garden was eliminated, grass pavers were installed, and the stone trench was expanded.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns about the construction in close proximity to the wetlands and removal of the protective buffer, recommends the project be considered a major stormwater project, provide stormwater management for the road extension, need to provide infiltration for all impervious surfaces, need for additional soil testing in the areas of the stormwater controls and possible need for variances for the rain gardens within 100 feet of the wetlands.

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Town of Queensbury Planning Board September 2012 and January 2013.

Next Meeting

The application was heard by the Town of Queensbury Planning Board at the September 18, 2012 meeting.  At the meeting, the applicant submitted a revised plan to reflect input from the Town Highway Superintendent regarding the road extension.  In addition, the plans were modified to address engineering comments.  The application was tabled until the October 16, 2012 meeting.  The application was heard at the January 16, 2013 Town of Queensbury Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.  The applicant stated this was a modest proposal and the variances were required due to changes in the stormwater code long after the lot was created. There was significant opposition to the application.  The ZBA expressed concern about the number and substantiality of the variances and requested the applicant to revise the plan.  The application was tabled until March 2013.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

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Forest Road
Queensbury, NY 12804