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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project Summary

Applicant proposes a two story 11,900 sf open air tavern/kiddie amusement park at the current location of Quizno's and the miniature golf course.  The project will connect to the Village of Lake George municipal sewer and water system.  The project proposes minor levels of stormwater management.  There have been several public hearings and concerns from the public include mixed use of the project (children entertainment and a bar); two story building on the main corner of the Village; character of the building with the “open air” tavern; noise; and additional traffic for deliveries, construction, and trash removal.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns regarding compliance with major stormwater management requirements (addressing runoff of the first ½” from existing impervious coverage); utilizing the proposed landscaped areas for stormwater treatment/rain gardens; improving the proposed water quality structures and the direct discharge into Prospect Mountain Brook.  In addition, there is a question regarding the design wastewater flows from the proposed uses as well as whether the existing Village of Lake George Wastewater Treatment Plant has capacity.  The Waterkeeper continues to assert the proposed stormwater management plan does not comply with the Village Code despite the recommendation letter from the reviewing engineer based on the fact the reviewing engineer acknowledged the need for additional information regarding the stormwater plan after the recommendation was written.  This information was provided to the Planning Board.

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Village of Lake George Planning Board for October and December 2008 and January 2009.

Next Meeting

The Village of Lake George Planning Board held the public hearing open from the October 15, 2008 meeting requesting information on a potential noise study and traffic study.  The Planning Board will also seek a consulting engineer to review the stormwater management plan.  The “consulting engineer” for the Planning Board was the Dave Decker, PE who wrote an approval letter on Lake George Watershed Conference letterhead despite the fact the project does not meet the Village Stormwater Ordinance and he wrote in an email after the approval that additional information was required.  The Planning Board appears to have accepted the determination from the LGWC.  At the January 21, 2009 Planning Bord meeting, the Board recommended a scope for the noise study and did not accept public comments since the applicant was not present.  The next public hearing for the project will be Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 7:00 PM.

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Project Address

4 Beach Rd
Lake George, NY 12845