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Project Summary

The applicant proposes an 8 lot subdivision on 21 +ac. - 7 developed, 6 new building lots and 2 lake access (1 common).  One lot has a pre-existing building.  The property is divided by the Town of Putnam/Ticonderoga line as well as the Washington/Putnam County line.  There will a common lot for access to Lake George.  The project will require APA permit as well as permit from the Lake George Park Commission for the dock complex and stormwater management.  The applicant states there is a 1500 sf footprint, 2-story limit on building size.  Development is proposed along the west side of Black Point Road with all driveways.  Lots will be accessed through common driveways to service two lots.  There will be common stormwater management systems consisting of rain gardens and a wet meadow with discharge under an access drive in the common lot. A large area of the existing meadow is proposed to be undisturbed.  The common lot will have parking for access to the lake along with an existing barn that will be converted to a club house.  A dock complex is proposed but no information has been supplied.  Wastewater will be handled through connections to the Black Point Road Sewer District.  Water supply will be on-site wells.  The applicant required a variance from the Lake George Park Commission regarding infiltration with percolation rate of greater than 60 minutes.  The stormwater management system consisted of two large rain gardens to capture the runoff from the proposed dwellings.  The rain gardens would discharge into a large wet meadow that would be created by the access road to the common lakefront area.  There would be a maximum detention area of 2 feet deep.  The applicant also required a Lake George Park Commission for the association docks proposed to be 68' long and 40' wide.  The dock would have a surface area of 700 sf and restricted boat length of 22 feet.  The applicant claims the water depth is 3 feet.  The applicant submitted a revised dock application in January 2011 which reduced the number of boat slips to 4 and the overall dimensions to 61' to 68' long and 32' wide.   FEBRUARY 2012 - The applicant made submission to the Town of Putnam Planning Board with revised plans and an APA permit.   

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns on the sketch plan about the ability of the site to accommodate stormwater management and impacts to emergent wetlands on the shoreline, which were determined to be along the shoreline for a previous subdivision to the west.   Regarding the Preliminary Plan, the Waterkeeper had concerns about the following:  1) density calculations;  2) specific information on the construction of the stormwater system; 3) Planting Plan;  4) Buffer along the existing stream;  5) Buffer along the wetlands; 6) Information on the proposed dock complex;  7) Wetland information along the shoreline; and 8) Individual site plan review for the lots.  The Waterkeeper has concerns about the proposed association dock and potential conflict with wetlands.

Waterkeeper Comments

Please refer to the Lake George Waterkeeper letter to the Town of Putnam Planning Board, February 2010.

Next Meeting

The applicant provided a sketch plan discussion to the Planning Board in June 2009.  The Preliminary Plan was reviewed at the Town of Putnam Planning Board at the February 10, 2010 meeting.  The Planning Board expressed concerns about:  1) more permanent sanitary facilities at the common lot;  2) deed covenant information;  3) 1500 sf maximum footprint;  4) Lot 1 no dwellings;  5) no specified width or ROW on common driveway;  6) emergency vehicle access; and 7) site plan review for individual lots.  There were numerous comments by public.  The application was tabled to a later date for updates from the applicant.  The Lake George Park Commission reviewed the stormwater management plan and requested variance at their December 21, 2010 meeting.  Concerns regarding the stormwater were the viability of the project, self imposed variance and erosion due to the boathouse construction.  The LGPC granted the variance with a 6-2 vote with the following conditions:  1) Provide an adequate maintenance agreement and bond; 2) Road to be constructed first: 3) Boathouse construction to be reviewed by staff prior to start; and 4) Deed restriction of no disturbance line (for house construction) from rain gardens towards lake on single family lots.  The LGPC reviewed the association dock proposal at the December 21, 2010 meeting.  The Commission expressed the following concerns:  length of docks; depth of water; potential impacts to lake bed; and application lacked depth information.  The Commission denied dock application 7-1.  The Lake George Park Commission reviewed the new dock application for a total of 4 slips at their January 2011 meeting.  The Commission approved the new dock application with conditions:  1) No lifts will be permitted, 2) No launching of vessels and 3) All conditions are to be recorded with the HOA and deeds.  FEBRUARY 2012 - The Town of Putnam Planning Board reviewed the application and scheduled a public hearing for March 14, 2012 for Final Approval.  MARCH 2012 - A the March 14, 2012 Town of Putnam Plannig Board meeting, a public hearing was held and no comments were made.  The Planning Board approved the major subdivision.

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