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Monday, November 2, 2009

Project Summary

The applicant proposes an approximate 800 sf addition to an existing residence along with a screened porch at 5183 Sagamore Road.  The existing structure has a 115 foot setback and with the porch addition, the setback will be reduced to 103 feet.  The addition will increase the number of bedrooms from 2 to 3 requiring an upgrade to the existing non-compliant on-site wastewater treatment system.  The applicant proposes a gravelless absorption system.  This initial stormwater plan prepared for the Lake George Park Commission was denied and an engineer has been hired.  A stormwater management plan was submitted to the Lake George Park Commission by the October 14, 2009 Planning Board meeting and a permit was expected by October 16, 2009.  In addition, the site plan was modified to keep traffic off the septic system.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper concerns included concerns about the proposed location of the absorption field under the parking area and the need for stormwater infiltration.

Waterkeeper Comments

Provided verbal comments at a September 9, 2009 public hearing regarding protecting the on-site wastewater treatment system from traffic.

Next Meeting

The Town of Putnam Planning Board held a public hearing on September 9, 2009.  The public hearing was closed.  The application was tabled pending the submission of a stormwater management plan.  The Town of Putnam Planning Board granted approval at their October 14, 2009 meeting condition upon submission of the Stormwater Management Permit from the LGPC and no traffic over the septic system.

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Project Address

5183 Sagamore Road
Putnam, NY 12861