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Friday, August 10, 2012

Project Summary

Application Type: Site Plan Review SPR46-2012  Applicant: Mike Crisafulli  Owner: Mike Crisafulli  Agent: Jarrett Engineering  Location of Property: Lochlea Subdivision Lot 13  Tax Map #: 251.11-1-23  Lot Size: 0.26 ac  Zoning Classification: RCH-LS  Project Description: Construction of new single family residence.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The proposed single family dwelling located within a non-conforming subdivision that previously received variances in 2008 for setbacks and homes on less than one acre.  This proposed SFD is the lot nearest to the lake and is approximately 5000sf (vs. the 2200sf maximum size proposed by the applicant during subdivision approvals by both the TLG ZBA for variances and TLG PB subdivision approval).

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Town of Lake George Planning Board for February 2012.  See letter from Lake George Waterkeeper Attorney to Town of Lake George Supervisor May and July 2012.

Next Meeting

At the March 6, 2012 Planning Board meeting the applicant stated that the “…focus of the house was to keep it compact on the site…”.  The PB did not agree with this statement, as it was unanimous that the house was too large for the 11,326sf lot (0.26 acre lot).  PB asked if another size house had been considered and that what was being proposed was “…way too much…too big.”  PB reminded applicant that the subdivision had been presented as parcels for family, small lots and homes and that the intention of the prior subdivision approval is not what has been presented.  Public Hearing was scheduled for April 3. At the June 12, 2012 PB meeting, the applicant presented to the PB a revision of the proposed SFD (removing apprx 500sf from the 2nd floor and replacing 2 of the 4 bedrooms on that floor with 'attic' rooms).  Basement is said to be “non-living space” although it includes sliding doors and large windows opening onto the lake side of the house.

The Public Hearing was reopened (“so that it would not come back as an issue in the future…”) and was held on August 7, 2012.  Reiteration of the approved subdivision vs. what is being presented by applicants was again brought up, with a response by one PB member, that they “mitigate at SPR…” therefore don't need to adhere to prior subdivision approvals.  At the 8/7/12 PB meeting, there was no mention by any PB members that the SFD was too large for the lot.  The PB seemed to appreciate that the applicant had made concessions to the SFD by reducing the 3rd floor by 500sf (altering the floor plan to 2 bedrooms and 2 attic rooms vs. 4 bedrooms) and reducing that floor's expanse of windows by 18sf).  An 18 inch berm with 8 ft trees will be planted to block the home from the lake (proposed SFD structure is 36 feet in height).  The application was approved with no discussion of previous concerns, with only 2 out of 7 PB members asked questions and spoke during the deliberation of the application.  The following conditions were imposed: 1) the roof and siding to be dark, earthtones; 2) nonreflective glass; 3) when footing and foundation poured, prior to backfill, Robb (Zoning Officer) needs to certify that they are in the exact location and meet all approved variance setbacks; 4) Bond required for disturbance and plantings (amount and conditions not discussed?); and 5) the entire existing 'scrub buffer' that may have been previously discussed as an 'eyesore' must remain natural.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

Project Address

Lochlea Subdivision Lot 13
Lake George, NY 12845