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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Project Summary

The applicant proposes the construction of a new home on a vacant lot on Black Point Road (4.51-1-28.3).  Proposed house will be 26'x38' (1480 sf), 3 story high with a 50' setback from the lake.  The lot will be serviced by the new Black Point Sewer District.  No information was provided regarding proposed stormwater management.  There is an existing stream flowing through the property with potential wetlands.  The Planning Board expressed concerns about the lot as well as several neighbors.  There is a claim the stream has been diverted onto a neighbors property.  

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns about the existing stream and ability of the small lot to support the proposed development while accomodating stormwater management.

Waterkeeper Comments

The Town of Putnam Planning Board accepted the application and deemed the application as a Type II action.  The Planning Board required the applicant to contact the DEC, APA and LGPC and determine if the proposed side setback is adequate to service the side of the house.

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Project Address

Black Point Road
Putnam, NY 12861