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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Project Summary

Camp Walden, located on Trout Lake, is proposing to construct a soccer field, three basketball courts, softball field, mountain baording course and stormwater management facilities as well as relocate a go-cart track at 429 Trout Lake Road (185.00-2-32).  The concept is to located outdoor recreational facilities in a single area and construction regulation sized fields.  The proposal will clear a total of 3 acres with a total of 6 acres of disturbance.  There will be no new exterior lighting.  Stormwater will consist of a biofilter and detention basinfor the proposed basketball courts and an infiltration basin for the mountain boarding course and go-cart track.  The applicant stated that soils have been tested for nutrient content to develop a fertilizer plan.  

Waterkeeper Perspective

The stormwater management plan was not available for public review. 

Waterkeeper Comments

No comment at the present time. 

Next Meeting

The Town of Bolton Planning Board reviewed the application for Site Plan Review at the January 19, 2012 meeting.  There were questions about the amount of clearing, whether irrigation was proposed (no), application of fertilizers and herbicides and stabilization of steep slopes.  The stormwater plan was currently under review by the Town Engineer.  The application was tabled for additional information. 

Project Summary

Camp Walden, located on Trout Lake, is proposing to demolish and replace 2 existing bunkhouses and construct one new bunkhouse on the 105 acre campus. The bunkhouses will house 32 children ages 8-16. Each bunkhouse will be serviced by an individual on-site wastewater treatment system and be connected to the community water system. 

September 2009 - Applicant proposed to maintain 2 existing bunkhouses and construct a new bunkhouse (C-Row Cabin) with new on-site wastewater treatment system and stormwater management.  New Cabin 20-21 also proposed.  The application was defined at the September 17, 2009 Planning Bord meeting to revise the 2008 approval and maintain 2 existing cabins proposed to be demolished and constructed only 1 of the 2 proposed new cabins.  Henry Caldwell expressed concern about the number of trees removed and the camp owner stated the trees were removed for safety issues.  There was discussion of developing a replanting plan in the future. 

Waterkeeper Perspective

The proposed on-site wastewater treatment system for the new bunkhouse is located on grades that exceed the maximum allowable permitted by New York State Department of Health (20%). In addition, the design wastewater calculations do not include showers but each bunkhouse floor plan includes showers. The Waterkeeper also recommends stormwater management plans for each bunkhouse.

September 2009 - Waterkeeper continues to have concerns about the slopes of the locations for the proposed on-site wastewater treatment systems as well as proximity of stormwater drywell to existing systems.

Waterkeeper Comment

See comment letter to the Town of Bolton Planning Board August 2008.  Based on information FOILed from the NYSDOH regarding their review of the wastewater treatment system design, the Waterkeeper forwarded our comment letter to the NYSDOH for their information - October 2008.  See comment letter to Town of Bolton Planning Board September 2009.

Next Meeting 

The Town of Bolton Planning Board conditionally approved the project at the August 21, 2008 meeting based on the applicant's claim that the NYSDOH has approved the septic plans and that the Town Engineer approve the submitted stormwater management plans.   The Town of Bolton Planning Board will review the modificed application for the new C-Row Cabin and Cabin 20-21 at the September 17, 2009 Planning Board meeting.  The Town of Bolton Planning Board approved the revised site plan application at the September 17, 2009 meeting with the following condition: install downward facing and shielded lights.  None of the Waterkeeper comments were discussed.  

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Project Address

429 Trout Lake Road
Bolton Landing, NY 12845