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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Project Summary

The applicant proposes an addition to an existing residence at 5142 Bayview Way on Dark Bay (12-4-16).  Proposed addition will add ½ 2nd floor addition and add ½ basement for storage.  Current foundation on piers and foundation will be enclosed with a height of 6-½ ft.  Roof line will be raised approximately 7 feet with possible impact to neighbors.  Number of bedrooms will remain at two.  Two large trees are proposed to be removed.  New on-site wastewater treatment system proposed with peat filters to be located 240 feet from lake.  Slowing of stormwater is anticipated.  Planning Board determined project was Type II Site Plan Review.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has concerns about the need for site plans for the proposed on-site wastewater treatment system, need to size the OWTS for future bedrooms (addition) and incorporate stormwater management, recommended rain gardens.

Waterkeeper Comments

Please refer to the Lake George Waterkeeper comment letter to the Town of Putnam Planning Board, February 2010.

Next Meeting

The Town of Putnam Planning Board determined the application was Type II Site Plan at the February 10, 2010 meeting.  The Planning Board requested information regarding the peat system, information on the building height and roof line and recommended stormwater management (Fact Sheets from the FUND/Waterkeeper were provided).  The Planning Board scheduled a public hearing for March 10, 2010 at 7:00PM.  The application was discussed at the public and the Waterkeeper and neighbors commented.  The Planning Board expressed concern about the stormwater runoff and location of the septic absorption field in the driveway cul-de-sac.  Tabled the application for additional information.  The applicant submitted temporary and permanent stormwater management controls and proposed to relocate the absorption field to a more level location with a greater setback to the lake at the April 14, 2010 Planning Board meeting.  The Planning Board approved the Site Plan application with conditions:  1) relocate absorption field to specified location with an engineered system; and 2) provide stone trench at bottom of driveway and parking area for stormwater management.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

Project Address

5142 Bayview Way
Putnam, NY 12861