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Friday, November 18, 2011

Project Summary

Applicant proposes to construct a 3,450 linear foot sip line emanating on lands in Queensbury and terminating on lands in Lake George; total elevation drop of approximately 770ft proposed.  Outdoor recreation uses in a LC zone require Planning Board review and approval.

Site Plan 77-2011: The applicant proposes the construction of a seasonal attraction (zip-line ride) supplementing the existing facilities located at the Wild West Ranch located on NYS Route 9 (277.02-1-42 & 59, 277.04-2-22) in the Town of Lake George.  The property is in the LC-10A Land Conservancy 10 acres and designated Rural Use on the Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Map.  The applicant proposes the construction of a 3450 lf zip-line ride from the ridge of French Mountain down to the existing ranch.  The existing “logging” road will be utilized for access to the upper tower.  Two towers are proposed for construction on French Mountain, which are claimed to be constructed below the tree line and will not be visible on the ridge.  Other towers will be constructed at the main facility.  Parking is proposed for approximately 300 cars with overflow areas for 500 cars on grass surfaces.  Stormwater management is proposed for the parking areas but no information is provided for the access road.  No information is provided for expansion of the wastewater treatment system.  Per the applicant's representative, there is no proposed blasting necessary for anchoring of towers, as they will be pinned to the rock.  All ungrowth will be left intact; 10,100sf of soil disturbance; 16,000sf of cutting with no cutting necessary from the 400ft elevation (towers on upper zip line) to the 3450ft location at the base of the mountain (landing area).

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper would recommend that stormwater management be addressed for all impervious surfaces on this site, including the access road to the top of the mountain.  The Waterkeeper has concerns that the existing logging road has never received adequate site plan review; conditions of previous approvals have not been met; a jurisdictional inquiry from the APA should be received regarding the existing APA permit; complete stormwater management plan should be submitted; and a visual assessment should be provided for the project.

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Town of Queensbury Planning Board November 2011.

Next Meeting

The Town of Lake George Planning Board reviewed the proposed zip-line application at their November 15, 2011 meeting and requested to be Lead Agent in a coordinated review with Queensbury (stating that the majority of the proposed project was in the Town of Lake George).  Queensbury has also requested to be Lead Agent (stating that the majority of disturbance will take place in the Town of Queensbury).  The application for Queensbury has been tabled until January 17, 2012 PB meeting pending outcome of SEQR determination from NYSDEC.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

Project Address

Off State Route 149
Queensbury, NY 12804