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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Project Summary

Sketch Plan Review submitted by Bear Pond Ranch, LLC to construct an amphitheater to accommodate a performance event area, festival area, snowmobilers, establishing a merchant’s area and creating or expanding overland gravity zip line, for property located at 43 Mill Road (277.04-2-22). The applicant submitted a Site Plan review application in April for a proposed temporary 500 seat outdoor amphitheatre to host 14 shows during the Summer 2011.  A conceptual master plan was submitted to utilize existing parking areas with a grass overflow parking area for 100 cars and a proposed 54 car parking area.  The applicant provided a brief report from a traffic engineer stating approximately 2.9 attendees per car were expected, which is consistent with design standards.  The submission did not contain any information regarding stormwater management for the proposed improvements or future.  The application only contained conceptual information on the wastewater treatment systems.  It was not stated if the proposed use would increase wastewater flow.

SPR 38-2011  -  The applicant proposes the construction of a year-round attraction (zip-line ride) supplementing the existing facilities located at the Wild West Ranch located on NYS Route 9 (277.02-1-42 & 59, 277.04-2-22).  The property is in the RCM-2SB and TC-A Zoning District and is designated Low Intensity Use and Rural Use on the Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Map.  The applicant proposes the construction of a 3450 lf zip-line ride from the ridge of French Mountain down to the existing ranch.  The existing “logging” road will be utilized for access to the upper tower.  Two towers are proposed for construction on French Mountain, which are claimed to be constructed below the tree line and will not be visible on the ridge.  Other towers will be constructed at the main facility.  Parking is proposed for approximately 300 cars with overflow areas for 500 cars on grass surfaces.  Stormwater management is proposed for the parking areas but no information is provided for the access road.  No information is provided for expansion of the wastewater treatment system.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper would recommend that stormwater management be addressed for all impervious surfaces on this site, including the additional parking areas (up to 840 spaces proposed).  The Waterkeeper expressed concerns about the application material for the temporary amphitheatre including:  the need for a Master Plan and infrastructure planning; failure to address stormwater runoff; failure to comply with the requirements of Town Code for stormwater runoff; need for additional information regarding proposed wastewater flows and adequacy of existing wastewater treatment; and the need to comply with SEQR.

SPR 38-2011 The Waterkeeper has concerns that the existing logging road has never received adequate site plan review; several requirements of the Town Code are not complied with; conditions of previous approvals have been met; a jurisdictional inquiry from the APA should be received regarding the existing APA permit; a facility report should be prepared for the wastewater treatment system to evaluate the existing components and recommend system improvements; complete stormwater management plan should be submitted and a visual assessment should be provided for the project.

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Town of Lake George Planning Board April 2011 and November 2011.

Next Meeting

PB questioned the separate venues planned and asked that stormwater management be identified for the entire project at initial Site Plan Review.  The Town of Lake George Planning Board reviewed the proposed zip-line application at their November 15, 2011 meeting and requested to be Lead Agent in a coordinated review with Queensbury.  Queensbury has also requested to be Lead Agent.  A Public Hearing has been scheduled for December 6, 2011, which the applicant tabled the day of the Public Hearing.

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Project Address

43 Miller Rd
Lake George, NY 12845