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Monday, March 4, 2013

Project Summary

Application Type: Area Variance AV38-2012 and Site Plan Review 2-2013; Applicant: Curtis D. Dybas; Owner: Richard Barton; Location of Property: 3 Rose Point Lane; Tax ID: 264.07-2-6; Zoning Classification: RSH; Property Size: 0.155 acres; Project Description: Requesting an 8 ft. variance where 15 ft. setback is required; the north side setback will increase from 0.5 ft. to 7.0 ft. The south side setback remains at 9.1 ft.; requesting 5.9 ft. variance where 15.0 ft. is required to build a single family season residence.  

Waterkeeper Perspective

Pre-existing non-conforming lot to replace existing footprint with 56% expansion of SFD. SPR proposes increasing impervious surfaces with walkways and patio within 50ft of Lake George.  Stormwater management calculations are not supported with perc tests to determine distance to groundwater, as the land was referred to as “swampy” during ZBA discussions; landscaping plan has not identified species to be planted and has been presented as approximately 2-6 feet wide.  Buffer should be wide enough to be effective.  A ZBA member asked that the buffer be 20ft wide, but this condition was not included in the ZBA approval of the variances.              

Waterkeeper Comments

See comment letter to the Town of Lake George Zoning Board of Appeals for February 2013 and Planning Board for March 2013.

Next Meeting

ZBA approved with the conditions that: 1) all pre-existing abandoned tanks be removed; 2) a shoreline buffer “acceptable” to the Planning Board is required; 3) No fertilizers and pesticides to be used on the property; 4) permeable area can't be lower than 78% as stated by applicant. Applicant is on the March 5, 2013 Planning Board meeting agenda.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

Project Address

3 Rose Point Lane
Lake George, NY 12845