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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project Summary

The applicant proposes to co-locate additional antennas on the existing cell tower facility formerly operated by Nextel at 1684 Pilot Knob Road.  The proposal will require 5' additional height to the existing tower.  The Fort Ann and Washington County Planning Boards inquired about the status and condition of the existing stormwater management systems.

Waterkeeper Perspective

The Waterkeeper has expressed concerns about the proposed site to adequately manage stormwater due to site constraints during the design and subsequent construction.  In 2006, the Waterkeeper documented apparent non compliances with approved plans and notified the Lake George Park Commission.  A site observation was recently performed by the Waterkeeper of the stormwater management facilities.  Based on field measurements, the stormwater management facilities appear to be substantially under constructed from the approved plans.

Waterkeeper Comments

See Lake George Waterkeeper comments to the Town of Fort Ann Planning Board May 2010 and Project Memorandum.

Next Meeting

The Town of Fort Ann Planning Board reviewed the application at the April 2010 meeting and scheduled a public hearing.  On May 18, 2010, the Fort Ann Planning Board held a public hearing on the AT&T proposal.  After receiving public comments, the Planning Board approved the project with the following conditions:  1) Approval subject to all conditions and commitments detailed in the May 11, 2010 Tower Co. letter to the Town of Fort Ann and 2) Project must receive complete stormwater management approval from Lake George Park Commission and meet all conditions of approval.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

Project Address

1684 Pilot Knob Rd
Fort Ann, NY 12827