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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project Summary

 The applicant proposes to alter a pre-existing non-conforming structure, specifically to add a 408 sf deck to the restaurant located at 4770 Lake Shore Drive (186.06-1-17).  The project is located in the GB5000 Zoning District (Hamlet Land Use Designation).  The applicant seeks variances for deficient setbacks: shoreline (50' is required and 18' proposed), side (total of 20' is required and 13' proposed), parking (10 additional spaces required and 0 proposed) and to alter a pre-existing non-conforming structure in accordance with Section 200-57B(1)(b).  The applicant proposes to provide a 24 seat waiting area with a bench where the existing planting area is located.  The dimensions of the deck will be 51' x 8'.  A new planting box is proposed.

Waterkeeper Perspective

 The Waterkeeper views the project as the opportunity to improve stormwater management in the area by the installation of pervious pavement, dry wells and/or planting area flush with the surface.  In addition, additional trees should be planted and restrictions should be placed on fertilizers and pesticides.

Waterkeeper Comments

 See comment letter to the Town of Bolton Zoning board of Appeals February 2011.

Next Meeting

The application is scheduled on the agenda for the February 15, 2011 Town of Bolton Zoning Board of Appeals meeting.  The Zoning Board of Appeals discussed the proposed revisions and inquired about agreeing to stormwater improvements and possible health issues to the neighboring property (exhaust ventilation, garage removal).  It was determined to be valid to discuss the health impacts but there would not increase due to the small percentage increase.  The Zoning Board of Appeals approved the variance 5-0 with the following condition: 1) The applicant has agreed to work with the Waterkeeper to mitigate stormwater runoff.

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Waterkeeper Comments Document

Project Address

4770 Lake Shore Drive
Bolton Landing, NY 12814