Upland Development

Looking Up for Lake Protection 

The scenic natural beauty of the Lake George watershed contributes directly to the Lake's outstanding water quality. Vast wild lands, from mountain summits to shorefronts, strengthen the Lake's natural resilience. The importance of these uplands cannot be overlooked or taken for granted.  For everyone wanting their own place at the Lake, with unparalleled views and direct access, continuing pressure to develop the uplands poses a serious concern.  Upland development has led to noticeable changes in the aesthetic qualities of Lake George, with potentially far reaching and negative environmental consequences. In fact, many of the Threats facing the Lake are related to environmentally fragile terrain being compromised and altered to accommodate new development. 

Upland development describes buildings beyond the lakeshore.

Building for the Future

Protection of the Lake's outstanding water quality and its scenic natural resources are interdependent. Moreover, this protection is fundamental to maintaining a robust regional economy and thriving communities. Smart, sensitively sited development that works with nature can ensure the environmental, economic, and community values that define the region–and that make it a world-class destination and wonderful place to call home–are upheld for future generations.  Low Impact Development starts with the premise that land use and development can and should be compatible with the natural landscape. In so doing, the special character that makes a property attractive and valuable is retained.  Learn more about efforts to reduce the potential for negative impacts from development by following the Related Program links at the top right.