Stream Corridor Management

  • Indian Brook, one of the major tributaries flowing into Lake George.

Protected Streams Help Ensure a Protected Lake

More than 50% of the water that enters Lake George comes from streams. The water quality of these streams is vitally important to the overall ecological health of Lake George. Far from nature’s rain gutters, streams are highly evolved ecosystems with a variety of complex processes occurring at any one time. It is essential that these unique water resources, both large and small, are protected to improve and preserve the water quality of the Lake. The FUND and its partners have undertaken stream assessment surveys since 2007. Survey findings can be viewed at Special Reports.

Buffer for Protection

A natural buffer along a stream bank, like a shoreline buffer by a lake, is a simple and effective way to protect a stream from chemical pollutants and unhealthy levels of nutrients and erosion. Learn how to create or expand a stream buffer or apply for the Buffer Lake George Grant Program. The Do-It-Yourself Water Quality guide features many ideas on ways individuals can protect the tributaries near their property. Visit the Related Program links on the upper right to learn more about initiatives of our Legacy Strategy that emphasize stream protection.