A Generation of Research

Since 1980, The FUND for Lake George has invested more than $2 million in the water quality monitoring program of Rensselaer’s Darrin Fresh Water Institute. This investment has produced one of the most comprehensive scientific databases for a freshwater lake in the world. Led by a team of Darren Fresh Water Iinstitute researchers, research findings are presented in “The State of the Lake” report, published in August 2014. Looking back 30 years, a complete generation, analysis of nearly 88,000 water quality parameters reveals the state of the lake. The conclusion: Without curbing present trends, Lake George faces the prospect of permanent degradation.  

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The Next Generation of Protection

With the science of “The State of the Lake” report leading the way, The FUND has embarked on a dynamic, comprehensive approach for the next generation of protection for Lake George, the Legacy Strategy. Learn more about the Legacy Strategy and the programs, initiatives, and partnerships that will be instrumental to its success.