The Business of Protecting Lake George

As a business owner, you know that protection of Lake George is an investment that delivers serious and sustaining returns. The Lake's clean, clear water is the lifeblood of a regional tourism economy that generates $1 billion every year. If the water quality and natural character of Lake George decline– as latest research findings indicate– the region's special appeal, for businesses, visitors, and residents alike will diminish as well. In the well-known words of Teddy Roosevelt, “the economy and environment are opposite sides of the same coin.” Few places exhibit this more clearly than Lake George.

As visible community members, business owners are vital partners in our mission to make Lake George an enduring model for protecting ecoystem health while providing for a robust economy. Guided by science, and working together in common purpose, we can fufill this promise for the next generation.

The FUND's Legacy Strategy offers important roles for businesses to play in this essential pursuit–from investing in the Legacy Strategy Fund to promoting and practicing Low Impact Development.  The links to the right offer topics that will be of particular interest to Lake George area businesses. Thank you for joining us! 

The FUND offers free algae analysis, please click here for more information.