Boaters and Anglers

A Boatload of Importance

Whether you're out catching fish, wind in your sails, or just some rays, boats are the favorite mode of fun on Lake George. Boaters now play a vital role in preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species. Compliance with the Lake George Park Commissison's Mandatory Boat Inspection program will keep invasives from entering the Lake and allow us to focus on getting rid of those that are already here. Visit for more information. 

Because the new program only applies to trailered boats, car-top boaters, canoers, and kayakers can do their part by making sure boats are “clean drained, and dry” before launching.  Refer to the Lake George mandatory boat inspections rack card for more information. We will only succeed in saving Lake George from invasive species if all boaters participate. Thank you for doing your part to keep Lake George clean and clear! 

A washed boat is a safe boat.

Learn more about native fish, invasive species, and other boating-related topics by browsing through our Fact Sheets. Visit the links to your right to explore programs of particular interest to anglers and boating enthusiasts.