Get details on New York State's matching grant program for septic system replacements.

Wastewater flows into Lake George from outdated septic systems and sewage treatment plants during heavy rains. It threatens our water clarity with nutrient loading, encourages invasive species, and results in harmful algal blooms (HAB). We're working hard to keep wastewater out of Lake George. You can too. Make sure your septic system isn't contributing to the problem. Have questions? cnavitsky [at] lakegeorgewaterkeeper.org (Contact your Waterkeeper!)

Read below to learn more about our work to keep wastewater where it belongs, out of Lake George. You can also review our reports from studies.

Septic Summit

In March, 2017, The FUND held the first ever Septic Summit to highlight the impact that almost 6,000 septic systems can have in the Lake George watershed. You can review the presentations below, including Corrina Parnapy, of the Winooski Natural Resources District, talking about identifying inadequate systems through algae sampling. Important design and technical information is provided throughout the Summit but George Heufelder states that time dosing and volume rate control might be the most effective design measure to maximize treatment. Systems that provide high treatment efficiency can be designed and installed in a cost effective manner as demonstrated in the Eljen and Anua presentations. We must face this challenge together. Ask us for help in keeping Lake George clean and clear.


2017 Septic Summit Presentations

Participants at the Lake George Spetic Summit “The order and content of the speakers was awesome. The speakers were all engaging and presented relevant information, especially the seasonal occupancy issues on Lake George.”

- Consulting Engineer


An Overview of NYC's Source Water Protection Program & Septic Strategies

David Warne, Assistant Commissioner, NYCDEP

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Pharmaceuticals, Artificial Sweeteners, and Other Emerging Contaminants as Indicators of Septic System Impact

Laurel Schaider, PhD, Research Scientist, Silent Spring Institute

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Algae Biomonitoring and Organic Pollution

Corrina Parnapy, Winooski Natural Resources Conservation District

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Septic Systems - Making the Best Using What You Have

George Heufelder, M.S.,R.S. Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment. Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center.

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Town of Lake George Septic Initiative Program

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Zoeller Clarus History

Darren Meyers, P.E.

Download Slides on Zoeller Clarus History Download Slides on Clarus Fusion Treatment Download Clarus Video

Eljen Geotextile Sand Filter Overview

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Puraflow and Other Systems From Anua

Justin DaMore, Anua

Septic Systems: The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown

The West Firm

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Otsego Lake Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Management Program

Win McIntyre, Watershed Coordinator

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North Queensbury Wastewater Disposal District No. 1 (Dunhams Bay)

Alan Wrigley & Barbara Simms, Dunhams Bay Advisory Committee