Plan Your Site Carefully

Whether building a house on a ridge overlooking Lake George or expanding a house on the lakeside, it’s important to plan and design your property to maintain natural drainage patterns and treat stormwater onsite close to its source.

Key Messages:

1. The most effective management practices to reduce negative impacts on Lake George are established at the beginning of the development process, during the planning phase.
2. Development significantly increases stormwater runoff that eventually enters Lake George. Impacts to the lake can be minimized through careful site planning.
3. When developing a site, it’s important to maintain the original drainage patterns that allow the natural process of infiltration to reduce stormwater runoff.
4. When a property is altered through grading and the removal of trees, soil and other plants, there is a marked increase in the amount and rate of stormwater pollution.
5. Retaining a minimum of two-thirds of mature forest cover and natural soil on a site is a good place to start for an ideal development plan.

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