The S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership

“S.A.V.E. has demonstrated how a collaboration of municipalities, organizations and individuals can work together to accomplish a common purpose. Our great lake drives our passion and our future and deserves our very best. We are committed to its future and using our recent success in going forward.” 

– S.A.V.E.’s Honorary Chairman, Lake George Mayor Bob Blais

A Partnership for a Future Free of Invasives

Comprised of municipal leaders, conservation groups, and researchers, the S.A.V.E. (Stop Aquatic inVasives from Entering) Lake George Partnership was formed in late 2012 in response to the urgent need for a mandatory invasives prevention program. Prevention is widely viewed as the only way to protect the Lake–and a regional economy closely tied to its pristine waters–from the mounting invasives threat.

“The stakes could not be higher and the historic opportunity to save Lake George will slip from our hands unless we all act now.”  

– Supervisor Ron Conover, Town of Bolton

S.A.V.E. began its efforts by forging a Memorandum of Understanding declaring the need for “a new mandatory boat inspection and decontamination program for Lake George…” A chief concern identified in the MOU was the “grave and imminent threat from aquatic invasive species, including Quagga mussels, that can spread when they are in juvenile, microscopic form, and are highly transportable by boats in engine waters, bilge waters, ballast waters, live well waters and anchors, as well as live bait containers.” 

The agreement’s principal aim was a permanent program “to protect the water quality and public enjoyment of Lake George to the maximum extent practicable by proactively preventing the introduction of new aquatic invasive species.” The MOU also made clear the need to work in active partnership with the State of New York. 

“When we come to the table, we are business owners and environmentalists, Democrats and Republicans, we are a partnership with diverse interests who all share a stake in the fate of these Adirondack lakes.  We dare not delay any longer.  Our economic and environmental well-being depends on our working together to stop these invasive species in their tracks.”

-Former Queensbury Supervisor and founding S.A.V.E. member Bill Mason 

S.A.V.E.'s potent voice and commitment to paying half the cost of the mandatory prevention program (with the other half paid by New York State) led to formal adoption of the mandatory prevention program by the Lake George Park Commission in January 2014. Mandatory inspections will be accompanied by decontamination (or wash) stations at key locations around the Lake where the volume of high risk—transient boats from other water bodies—is greatest.  

A washed boat is a safe boat. By pooling resources and coordinating responsibilities we are showing how broad resolve can deliver real results.” 

– Supervisor Dennis Dickinson, Town of Lake George      

S.AV.E. Lake George Partnership Members

Mayor Bob Blais, Lake George Village—Honorary S.A.V.E. Chairman
Supervisor Ron Conover, Town of Bolton
Supervisor Dennis Dickinson, Town of Lake George
Business owner and Former Supervisor Bill Mason, Queensbury
Supervisor Fred Monroe, Town of Chester 
Supervisor John Strough, Town of Queensbury
Jeff Killeen, Chairman, The FUND for Lake George
Eric Siy, Executive Director, The FUND for Lake George
Chris Navitsky, Lake George Waterkeeper
Walt Lender, Executive Director, Lake George Association 
Sandra Nierzwicki Bauer, Director, RPI Darrin Fresh Water Institute