Special Reports

2018 Town of Lake George Septic Initiative Program

2018 Bolton Bay (Lake George, Warren County) Water Quality Assessment

2016 Finkle Brook: A Watershed Assessment and Evaluation of Stormwater Runoff Remediation

2015 Village of Lake George Wastewater Treatment Plant. A Monitoring Program to Document Current Treatment Efficiencies

2014 State of the Lake: Thirty Years of Water Quality Monitoring on Lake George

2012 Clean Boats Only:  The case for a pro-active and mandatory boat inspection and decontamination program for Lake George to prevent new aquatic invasive species infestations

2011  Altering Our Natural Streams:  A study of the effectiveness and impacts of construction of instream sediment basins in Lake George streams for the removal of pullutants

2010 Do-It-Yourself Water Quality: A Landowner's Guide to Property Management that Protects Lake George

2010 Smelt Population Study

2009 Smelt Population Study

2009 Stream Assessment Project Report

2008 Stream Assessment Report

2008 Clear Choice: The Need for Stream Buffers in the Lake George Watershed

2007 Stream Assessment Report

2007Tributary Eurasian Watermilfoil Monitoring Report

2007 Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring Report

2007 Coliform Monitoring Report

2006 Tributary Eurasian Watermilfoil Monitoring Report