​New Digital Dashboard Provides Lake’s Most Highly Localized Weather Forecast


Data Dashboard Forecast

How’s the weather looking this weekend for your favorite spot on Lake George?

With jeffersonproject.live, you can now check the forecast within six-tenths of a mile of a specific location — the most highly localized Lake George forecast publicly available.

Jeffersonproject.live is the new digital data dashboard created by the innovative partnership of The FUND for Lake George, IBM and RPI. For the past seven years, The Jefferson Project at Lake George has been gathering and analyzing data on the health of the Lake in order to identify existing and future threats, and develop science-guided solutions and best practices. Now we’re making much of that data available to the public, including our weather forecasting tool, which is powered by IBM’s world-leading targeted weather forecasting technology, Deep Thunder. The dashboard also provides Lake lovers with real-time data from five weather stations on the Lake and four sensor stations in Lake tributaries, as well as four decades of water quality monitoring data.

Data Dashboard Sensor Network

We encourage you to explore Jeffersonproject.live today and see how our partnership is helping inform the long-term protection of Lake George … and your Lake George weekend plans!