The FUND for Lake George Announces New Website and Meeting Center

LAKE GEORGE, NY-— April 3, 2014 – The FUND for Lake George is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, The new site will serve as the internet destination and portal for understanding the current state of Lake George and The FUND’s unprecedented programs to safeguard the fate of the Lake. As described on the new site, this “science to solutions” approach is embodied in The FUND’s Legacy Strategy. The Strategy has one driving goal: stopping the present decline of water quality and achieving sustained protection of Lake George for the next generation.

 “Our website will provide all who care about the Lake with a place to learn and, more important, to act for lasting Lake protection while the opportunity still exists to do so,” said FUND executive director Eric Siy.

Accompanying the new website is The FUND’s new “Center for Lake George: A Meeting Place Dedicated to Lake Protection.” With space for up to 49 people, The Center will be open for meetings of The FUND’s expanding network of partners from all sectors with a stake in the Lake’s sustaining health. “While the website invites visitors worldwide, the Center invites people throughout the basin,” said FUND Chairman Jeff Killeen. “Understanding that we will only save Lake George by working in common purpose, The FUND is committed to catalyzing and facilitating extensive collaboration as exhibited by the S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership and the Jefferson Project that joins The FUND with IBM and RPI as detailed on the website,” explained Killeen. The Center offers a state-of-the-art space— wireless internet, videoconferencing capabilities, and large format projection-— with the ability for hosting meetings in person and online.

The Center also features selected large-scale prints generously provided by Carl Heilman II whose photographs of Lake George are without rival in capturing the natural splendor of one the clearest, cleanest lakes of its size in the world. “I hope my work can help bring Lake George to life when meeting in this new space and joining together to keep the Lake a special treasure,” said Heilman.

The FUND will be hosting an opening of the new space in the near future where it will also provide a “virtual tour” of the new website. For more information, or to request use of The Center for Lake George, visit the new website at

This is a new day for The FUND and a vital step in our redoubled investment to understand Lake George and ensure its priceless natural wonder lives on,” concluded Killeen.

The FUND for Lake George is a privately funded not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Lake George. Formed in 1980, the FUND applies a science-based approach to protection focused on Lake George water quality and the overall health of the Lake George watershed. The FUND pursues this mission through support of long-term scientific research, direct advocacy, and strategic partnerships with diverse public and private interests. The FUND recently adopted its Legacy Strategy that embraces environmental and economic imperatives as now required to protect Lake George for the next generation. The FUND sponsors the Lake George Waterkeeper among other programs on Lake George. The FUND for Lake George is managed by a Board of Trustees and maintains an office in Lake George. For more on the FUND’s work, see