Sewer Plant Project to Bust Village Tax Cap

The Post Star

The village of Lake George likely will have to go over its tax cap because of spending for its $22 million wastewater treatment plant, as lobbying efforts continue to obtain more state funding for the project…

…Lobbying efforts continue to obtain more state funding for the wastewater treatment plant to lessen the impact on village taxpayers. The village has obtained about $7.5 million in grants.

On Tuesday, EDC Warren County President Edward Bartholomew and Fund for Lake George Director Eric Siy testified before a joint legislative hearing on the Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive budget.

There is no single action more important to the environment and economy of Lake George than replacing the wastewater treatment plant,” Siy said in his testimony.

Hundreds of tons of nitrates have been released into the lake since the 1970s through effluent from the plant, he said. These nitrates can lead to the development of harmful algal blooms, which can turn the water green and are toxic to humans.

They are death to tourism,” he said…

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