S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership Commends Commission and State of New York for Taking Necessary Steps Toward Invasives Prevention

December 3, 2013 - Today’s adoption of two resolutions by the Lake George Park Commission drew support from 
the S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership, a diverse constituency formed late last year to ensure the 
“strongest possible invasives prevention program at the earliest possible date.” The 
Commission approved draft regulations for the mandatory invasives inspection program and 
modified the draft final Environmental Impact Statement to provide for closing the “after hours 
loophole,” a widely acknowledged concern. The EIS details provisions of the mandatory 
inspection program. 
S.A.V.E. Chairman and Lake George Village Mayor Bob Blais expressed the importance of today’s 
actions, reminding the Commission of S.A.V.E.’s longstanding pledge to provide matching 
support for the program’s implementation in 2014. As stated by Mayor Blais, “With today’s 
votes, the Commission has moved us a big step closer to saving our lake from the fast spreading 
scourge of invasives while we still have the chance.” 
The Mayor went on to underscore the importance of providing around the clock protection if 
the program is to succeed. In particular, the Mayor cited the need to close the after hours 
loophole that would leave public launches open when unstaffed and vulnerable to boats being 
launched without first being inspected and, if necessary, decontaminated. 
In fact, as reiterated by Mayor Blais, S.A.V.E.’s stated intent to fund half the program hinges on 
closing the after hours loophole. S.A.V.E. has proposed that the final prevention program 
include “launch monitors” charged with keeping watch on public launches during those late 
night and early morning hours when inspection and decontamination will not be available. 
S.A.V.E. has formally pledged to pay for this essential provision. Today’s action provides the 
necessary footing to make monitors integral to the invasives prevention program. S.A.V.E. will 
be working closely with the Commission to ensure successful implementation of this provision. 
“Not only will monitors provide a crucial ‘eyes on’ presence, they will also collect important 
information on the level of launch demand during off hours,” said Ron Conover, Bolton Town 
Supervisor. “Moreover, launch monitors will educate boaters to ensure full compliance with 
this new regulation.” 

Launch monitors will provide the full coverage needed at all hours of the day. This provision is 
fundamental to keeping the lake safe,” said Chester Town Supervisor Fred Monroe. 
“Regulations are only as effective as their enforcement. Monitors will play an integral part in 
this vital program function,” Monroe said. 
“We now have the working elements for a mandatory inspection program that builds upon the 
work of our Lake Stewards and provides for lasting success,” said Walt Lender, Executive 
Director of the Lake George Association. 
As explained by Lake George Supervisor, Dennis Dickinson, “There can be no doubt that we 
must proceed with implementing a program that achieves the highest possible protection 
standard. Lake George deserves nothing less.” 
In summing up the significance of today’s proceedings, Eric Siy, Executive Director of The FUND 
for Lake George, acknowledged the potential of the new program to serve as a model for other 
water bodies. “Winning the war on aquatic invasives will take unprecedented cooperation and 
commitment across sectors and levels of government. Our hope is that the work being done to 
save Lake George will inspire others to follow our lead. We can only win with a prevention 
effort that extends well beyond the shores of Lake George to become a state-wide imperative, 
mobilizing citizens and resources to stop invasives before they ruin our precious waters. There 
is no time to lose,” concluded Siy. 
The S.A.V.E. Lake George Partnership is comprised of Village, Town, and County officials, along 
with conservation groups, and researchers who together represent concerned residents 
throughout the Lake George basin. The guiding principles and purpose of S.A.V.E. are contained 
in a jointly signed Memorandum of Understanding citing the need for “a new mandatory boat 
inspection and decontamination program to protect the water quality and public enjoyment of 
Lake George to the maximum extent practicable…” During the 2013 boating season S.A.V.E. 
member groups helped underwrite decontamination stations and associated labor costs as an 
interim, albeit voluntary, step toward adoption of a formal inspection program. 


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