Lake-wide Clean-Up Day Aug. 3

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A lake-wide clean-up day, sponsored by the Lake George Waterkeeper, will be held on Saturday, August 3.

Residents of lakeshore communities may pick up trash bags at designated locations throughout the week and return them on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Groups and individuals can register through the Fund for Lake George’s website, where more information about the event is available.

The first 50 individuals to register at will receive a special Lake George Waterkeeper t-shirt.

Trash in Lake George and around its beautiful shoreline is unsightly and a pollution threat to the lake and its water quality,” said Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky. “While a number of residents and volunteers regularly pick up trash while out on the lake, “Keep the Queen Clean” is the lake’s only organized lake-wide trash clean-up day.”

In past years, people have participated by walking along beaches and streams, snorkeling near shorelines and by scuba diving in deeper waters.

According to Navitsky, every community on Lake George has agreed to participate in “Keep the Queen Clean.”

In every municipality, trash will be collected in bags provided by the organizers and deposited in one, central location, where it will be taken to transfer stations by town employees.

Participants are encouraged to take photos of their clean-up efforts and send them to [email protected]

This is an opportunity for people to take a hands-on role in protecting Lake George for today and future generations,” said Eric Siy, executive director of The Fund. “Our major initiatives are focused on threats like invasive species, wastewater and storm water, and other contaminants, but everyday trash can hurt our Lake, as well.”

We hope that people will always be mindful of picking up trash when they see it along or in Lake George,” said Chris Navitsky. “But one day each year is set aside for a coordinated effort. Whether you live in the region or are visiting from out of town, you can help.”

For information, call 518- 668- 9700

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