Lake George to Have High-tech Monitoring

Some of the most sophisticated technology in our universe is helping save one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet.

Crews from Portsmouth, N.H.-based Substructure Inc. have finished mapping the bottom of Lake George and its surrounding watershed, setting the stage for a high-tech monitoring system designed to counteract forces that threaten its water quality such as road salt, stormwater runoff and invasive species.

The multi-million dollar effort, called the Jefferson Project, involves satellites 11,000 miles in space and a computerized modeling instrument so sensitive that it must be registered with the U.S. State Department and Department of Defense.

Our role in this is converting the science into solutions and sharing information with anybody involved with the fate of Lake George,” said Eric Siy, The Fund for Lake George executive director. “This is an historic lab. This is a prototype for what it’s going to take to protect water quality for future generations. If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere.”

The Fund is partnering with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and IBM, whose global research arm is currently pursuing similar projects with wave energy and hydrological studies in Ireland and Brazil, respectively. The Lake George initiative is called the Jefferson Project in tribute to Thomas Jefferson, who once described it as the most beautiful body of water he’d ever seen.

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