Lake George Mayor Robert Blais Reflects on 48 Years as Village CEO

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“One week after Lake George Village Mayor Robert Blais was re-elected March 19 to his 13th consecutive term as CEO of upstate New York’s iconic tourist destination, Blais reminisced about his 63-year career in public service — 48 of those years as mayor — and prominent area citizens offered their insights about his tenure…

…Eric Siy, executive director of the Fund for Lake George, also offered his thoughts about Blais.

There’s no one alive who cares more about Lake George and all it stands for than Mayor Blais,” Siy said. “He has dedicated his life personally and professionally to ensure the legacy of a clean, clear Lake George lives on for many generations.”


Siy also praised Blais for his ardent advocacy of the village’s beautification over the last two decades. Years ago, Lake George only had scattered shrubs to adorn its public spaces. Now, through the work of Judy Gearwar and Blais’ support for her mission, the village’s public spaces have been transformed with colorful, lush gardens and bold, creative landscaping. Her arrangements range from intricate miniature gardens to towering displays. This last year, Gearwar and her crew have been planting floral gardens in the median strip of state Route 9 south of the village, enhancing the town of Lake George’s “Gateway” project. Blais convinced Gearwar to come out of her recent retirement to work on this town-village collaborative venture.

Lake George Town Board member Marisa Muratori, who has been credited with influencing Blais’ environmental awareness, said that Blais is adept at bringing people together toward a common goal, as well as inspiring others to achieve goals that are beneficial to the Lake George community — and its environment.

He encourages leadership in others — he has an open mind and helps people foster good ideas,” she said, noting Blais was able to work through disagreements and guide people toward good solutions. “He never procrastinates — he moves forward very methodically and gets things done.”

Lake George Arts Project Executive Director John Strong said Sunday that Blais has for decades boosted the village’s cultural aspects.

Blais is a such a great leader — he’s very positive and open to new ideas,” he said, adding that Blais headed up the effort over the last several years to expand and upgrade the Shepard Park amphitheater, as well as supporting all the Arts Projects’ ventures including the acclaimed Lake George Jazz Weekend…”

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