Lake George Could Model Water Solutions, Author Says

Adirondack Explorer

One of the nation’s foremost advocates for clean water will bring a message of urgency and hope to Bolton Landing this summer when she keynotes The FUND for Lake George’s annual meeting.

The urgency comes from global challenges to freshwater resources. The hope comes from local collaborations such as what Sandra Postel expects to observe during her visit, when she will speak at the Sagamore Resort on July 6.

Postel—author, most recently, of “Replenish: The Virtuous Cycle of Water and Prosperity”—has never underestimated the challenges of restoring water quality.

The problems are big, and we’re not moving quickly enough to solve them,” Postel said in a recent interview.

Among those problems: agricultural waste; nitrogen from wastewater treatment plants and septic systems coursing through the water cycle; urban runoff; and depleted groundwater reserves.

But, Postel added, “I wrote ‘Replenish’ from the perspective of realistic optimism. However large the problems, when you look out into the world, you can see examples of people and communities working together to solve these problems. Our challenge is to ‘scale up’ these local solutions.”…

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