John Barber Wore Many Hats

To the Editor:

When longtime Silver Bay resident John Barber passed away on December 26, Lake George lost a true champion. I had the honor to serve with John on the board of The FUND for Lake George for many years.

At a time in the early 2000s, when The FUND faced a significant leadership transition, John’s steady hand and “true north” leadership guided us.

When The FUND made the decision to invest in a full-time Lake George Waterkeeper, John’s advocacy in our communities laid a solid foundation for that important, at the time controversial but now well-received, lake conservation initiative.

When you drive down West Brook Road from 9, you experience another legacy of John’s environmental vision and leadership, the successful West Brook Conservation Initiative. This pioneering alliance of The FUND, Lake George Land Conservancy, LGA, Warren County and the Village of Lake George replaced the blighted Gaslight Village site with an engineered wetland that cleanses runoff before it reaches the Lake.

As a Silver Bay neighbor and friend, John readily extended a willing hand. He will be remembered for his service to the Silver Bay YMCA Conference Center and as a member of the Hague Volunteer Fire Department. I fondly recall the time our home kitchen smoke alarm responded to over-eager chefs. Who should show up loudly rapping on our door in the dead of night? None other than firefighter John Barber!

By our actions, we can best honor John’s lifelong commitment and service to the preservation and health of our Lake and surrounding communities.

Don Rice
Board Member & Past Chairman,
The FUND for Lake George
Silver Bay, NY

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