Fund, Waterkeeper, Issue Statement on Pollution at Million Dollar Beach

The Lake George Mirror

Continued E. coli contamination at Million Dollar Beach, hitting at the height of the summer tourism season, has prompted The Fund for Lake George and its Lake George Waterkeeper program to call on state and local government officials and regional partners to redouble work toward a solution, the organization announced last week. 

Lake George is one of the most popular swimmable and drinkable lakes in New York State and across the country, and is most evident during the summer season when visitors come to enjoy its beauty and invest in our regional economy,” said Chris Navitsky, the Lake George Waterkeeper. “Unfortunately, Lake George continues to be compromised through contamination from an apparent human source at Million Dollar Beach. While tracing the exact origin of the contamination is a complicated issue, we are confident this problem can be solved 
with a focused, science-driven plan of action.”

It is imperative that the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation does everything within its power to ensure the Queen of American Lakes is protected,” added Navitsky. “There needs to be more transparency regarding the data generated and a full-court press must be made with a routine monitoring plan that thoroughly checks all possible sources. Every resource should be applied to find answers to solve the problem.”

The Waterkeeper stands at the ready to assist by any means necessary as it has numerous times in working with our partners. Collectively, we must do all that we can to protect our Lake for the short- and long-term health of our regional economy,” Navitsky said.

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