FUND Set to Finance Septic Upgrades in Lake George

Lake George Mirror

Residents of the Town of Lake George who agree to have their septic systems inspected and maintained will be eligible for grants to modernize and improve them, Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navistsky has announced.

According to Navitsky, of the town’s nearly 400 septic systems within 500 feet of the shore of Lake George and 100 feet of major tributaries, one-third are near or past their life expectancy, which is thirty to forty years.

A study led by Navitsky last year found that twenty percent of property owners said they had no information about the systems serving their homes, a strong indication that they have not been inspected or maintained in some time and could fail soon. More than half the parcels surveyed lack records of pump-outs or routine maintenance, another signal alerting officials to potential failure. Nearly 20% of the systems are too small to function efficiently, Navitsky told the Town Board in February.

On August 12, Navitsky and Town Supervisor Dennis Dickinson confirmed, the Lake George Town Board authorized Dickinson to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with The FUND for Lake George to bring the town’s near-shore septic systems into the 21st century.

According to the MOU, The Fund will reimburse property owners for expenses of $8,000 or less when they replace failing or substandard systems. In exchange, the Town will inspect the systems and guarantee they are properly maintained. The property owner must agree to similar conditions.

This MOU is not a binding commitment, but is a statement of the intent to work in good faith to create an effective program to provide long term measures for the protection of the investment by The FUND through an onsite wastewater treatment system management program implemented by the Town of Lake George,” the document states.

The new Lake George onsite wastewater treatment system management program was set to commence operating immediately.

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