Fund Renews Pledge to Finance Science-Based Solutions to Lake’s Problems

August 22, 014
Anthony F. Hall

Money being the sinews of war, The Fund for Lake George has launched a “Legacy Strategy” to harness the scientific knowledge generated by the Jefferson Project to arrest the decline in the lake’s water quality.

According to Jeff Killeen, the chairman of The Fund’s Board of Trustees, the organization is “the bridge” between the scientific understanding of the lake and the policies and actions necessary to defuse the threats to the lake that will be revealed through new data. 

Our Legacy Strategy is not only a blueprint for the protection of Lake George, but an affirmation of our founding purpose: to be an organization committed to scientific research for understanding Lake George and to informed advocacy; to be an underwriter of scientific research and an underwriter of science-based solutions that will keep Lake George pristine for generations,” said Killeen. Killeen invited those attending the organization’s annual meeting at the Sagamore on August 16 to help fund “the science-based solutions” to the lake’s problems…

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