FUND Awards $50,000 Grant to Town of Bolton For Upgrades to Wastewater Treatment Plant

LAKE GEORGE, NY—The FUND for Lake George has presented a Water Quality and Clarity Protection Grant of $50,000 to the Town of Bolton. This funding will be applied toward upgrading the Bolton Wastewater Treatment Plant, specifically for the installation of a Woodchip Bioreactor that will reduce the levels of nitrates entering Lake George. This measure was a key recommendation of the Lake George Waterkeeper’s report “Bolton Bay (Lake George, Warren County) Water Quality Assessment – a Monitoring Program to Evaluate Current Water Quality Issues.” The grant award is among the priority investments being made by The FUND to complete The Model for Enduring Protection of Lake George. Through direct investments that leverage partnerships and latest innovations, measureable results of the Model include: curbing wastewater and stormwater pollution, reducing excessive use of harmful road salt, and stopping invasive species.

This is a great day for the Town of Bolton and for Lake George,” said Ron Conover, Supervisor of the Town of Bolton. “We are honored by this grant award and the research-guided wastewater improvements it will provide for the community. The Town of Bolton is proud of its commitment to protecting Lake George water quality, working closely with The FUND and Waterkeeper to ensure lasting success,” Conover said.

According to Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky, “Our research put the problem under a microscope allowing us to focus on specific solutions as recommended in the Water Quality Assessment report. The woodchip bioreactor is integral to improving water quality and demonstrating the technology’s effectiveness in reducing nitrate pollution on a municipal scale, something not yet done anywhere in New York State,” Navitsky said.

What is being achieved at Bolton demonstrates in clearest terms, the power of applying professional science to inform and realize solutions,” said FUND Executive Director Eric Siy. “The FUND’s investment will accelerate necessary improvements while helping attract additional public funding to deliver returns for generations to come. We applaud the Town of Bolton for their leadership and partnership on behalf of Lake George,” Siy said.

According to agreed upon grant criteria, funding will be “applied by the Town of Bolton for the design, construction, and monitoring of the woodchip bioreactor and the pilot study to demonstrate the efficacy of 'green infrastructure' at the plant for tertiary nitrate reduction.”

The FUND and the Lake George Waterkeeper will continue scientific assessment of the Bolton Bay watershed and will develop a monitoring program to assess the impact of the woodchip bioreactor in coordination with the Town’s facility monitoring plan.

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