Fund’s Center for Lake George Uses Latest Technology to Help Develop Solutions to Lake’s Problems

The Center for Lake George, The Fund for Lake George’s new conference space, will have its grand opening in January. The Center houses technology that will help lake advocates and policy makers take advantage of research now underway through the Jefferson Project.

As a partner with IBM and the Darrin Fresh Water Institute in the Jefferson Project, The Fund for Lake George seeks to not only understand the threats to the lake, but to develop lasting solutions to those threats,” said Jessica Rubin, The Fund’s Director of Development and Marketing. “This new facility helps us do that.”

The Center for Lake George features visualization technology that presents three-dimensional models of Lake George circulation, weather, and stormwater runoff on a large format monitor.

Once fully installed, the software will enable users to not only view the effects of current trends in human activities on water quality, but to view the long-term, cumulative impacts of those trends, said Corrina Parnapy, The Fund’s Water Quality Outreach Coordinator.

We are grateful to IBM for providing the high-powered server that will bring The Fund’s science-guided work to protect Lake George to a new level of communications and educational effectiveness,” said Jeff Killeen, The Fund’s Chairman and the lead contributor to the Center for Lake George.

The Center, which is decorated with photographs donated by Carl Heilman, can accommodate as many as 49 people.
“We expect it will receive wide use from The Fund’s expanding network of partners from every sector with a stake in sustaining the health of Lake George,” said Jessica Rubin.

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