Editorial: All Must Sign on for Climate Change Fight

The Post Star

The push to land on the moon is often used as an example of what needs to happen now to combat climate change, but a better comparison is with the top-to-bottom effort to win World War II.

The war was a global fight, as this one is. The war required huge investments by the government and great personal sacrifice from soldiers, but it also demanded active participation and sacrifice from families at home.

On the homefront, families conserved fuel, followed food rationing, tended victory gardens, bought war bonds and donated their pots and pans and even the bumpers off their cars for scrap metal drives. Posters urged Americans to contribute, and movie directors were recruited to make patriotic films to boost the war effort.

Almost everyone in the country believed in the Allied cause, and more importantly, was willing to make sacrifices for it. That is the sort of effort we need now and that we are starting to see, for example, in Queensbury, where the Town Board has been going out of its way to pursue green policies as part of its everyday decision-making.

A recent presentation by Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky convinced the board it should adopt low-impact development rules for waterfront residential zones. Queensbury has a lot of waterfront land on Lake George and a couple of other smaller lakes, and its rules on seemingly small matters, like the use of fertilizer on lawns, can have a big impact on the lake’s water quality.


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