Dozens Receive Boat-Washing Training Before Inspections Begin

By: Amanda May Metzger
Date: May 1, 2014
News Outlet: The Post Star

LAKE GEORGE – If three little words can spread faster than aquatic invasive species, the future of Lake George looks clear and bright.

Clean, drained and dry,” the instructors repeated throughout a hands-on training Wednesday on how to inspect and decontaminate water vessels.

The training was being held for the new Lake George Park Commission’s Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program, a mandatory inspection initiative that kicks off May 15. The program will staff six stations, at the two state-owned launches at Mossy Point and Rogers Rock; Norowal Marina in Bolton; an inspection station on Transfer Road near Northway Exit 21; Dunham’s Bay launch in Queensbury; and Huletts Landing Marina on the east side of the lake.

This is the only program east of the Mississippi,” said Lake George Park Commission Executive Director Dave Wick…

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