DEC Boat Launch Gates Will Help Slam the Door to Aquatic Invasive Species in Lake George

DEC Boat Launch Gates Will Help Slam the Door to Aquatic Invasive Species in Lake George

Statement from Eric Siy, Executive Director of The FUND for Lake George, on NYSDEC’s decision to begin closing the gates at the Mossy Point and Rogers Rock public boat launches when invasives inspection stations are closed

The FUND for Lake George commends the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for taking yet another critical step in securing the strongest possible protection of Lake George from aquatic invasive species.

DEC’s decision to close the gates at these launches after hours will help slam the door on the next potential invader. Currently the launches remain open to boaters after the state’s mandatory boat inspection stations close for the evening. By closing the gates, DEC is closing a critical gap in the boat inspection program and preventing uninspected and potentially contaminated boats from entering the lake.

The FUND for Lake George is pleased to have provided the funding for the installation of call boxes at both launches so that boaters who are unable to get off the water before the gates close are able to contact DEC to arrange for assistance. This investment continues The FUND’s extensive funding of the Lake George boat inspection and decontamination program, the most comprehensive program of its type east of the Mississippi.

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About The FUND for Lake George: The FUND for Lake George is the leading organization dedicated to protecting The Queen of American Lakes through its innovative management model combining unprecedented partnerships, innovative science-guided programs, and direct investments in protection priorities. In recent years, The FUND has invested over $7 million to curb invasive species, reduce the excessive use of road salt, and abate the threats of wastewater and stormwater pollution. The FUND is a partner with IBM and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in The Jefferson Project, the world’s most advanced environmental monitoring system, whose data is driving many of the science-guided solutions currently being advanced in and around the lake. The Lake George Waterkeeper is an integral program of The FUND.

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