David Crockett to Headline Lake George Waterkeeper’s Low Impact Development Conference on May 1st

LAKE GEORGE, NY — David Crockett, former councilman and Director of the Office of Sustainability for Chattanooga, TN, will be the keynote speaker at The Lake George Waterkeeper’s 4th Annual Low Impact Development (LID) Conference. The theme of this year’s conference, “Challenges and Solutions Using Low Impact Development,” considers LID techniques for expanding application and sustaining benefit.  Mr. Crockett is widely known as a champion for smart growth and economic development. His vision of economic development serving as a necessary foundation for sustainable communities will be the focus of his address.  Mr. Crockett is fourth great nephew of 19th century American folk hero and frontiersman Davy Crockett.

Crockett has served on numerous national and international advisory boards and task forces, including The President’s Council on Sustainable Development, The National Advisory Council of Environmental Policy and Technology, The Climate Institute, the President’s Economic Roundtable, the Asian Pacific Economic Collaborative, National Wildlife Federation, and others.

We’re thrilled to feature such a prominent figure whose seasoned voice on the linkages between strong economies, healthy environments, and vibrant communities so perfectly resonates with the needs and opportunities facing Lake George,” said Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky.

Organized by The Lake George Waterkeeper, a core program of The FUND for Lake George, the annual LID Conference educates land use, engineering, and building professionals, along with municipal review board members, contractors, and others, on sustainable development practices and techniques.  LID methods aim to reduce the negative impacts of land use and development projects by emphasizing the appropriate management of stormwater runoff, a leading threat to Lake George water quality.

In addition to Crockett’s keynote address, another highlight of this year’s conference will be the announcement of a bold new FUND initiative to establish an LID Certification System. The new system promises to provide clear guidance on best practices for “designing with the Lake.” The FUND has recruited Meliora Design, an engineering design firm from Philadelphia, to lead this vital endeavor that will include publication of a detailed manual as the basis for LID certification.  

Such a certification system has yet to be created and Lake George provides an ideal ‘test-bed’ for demonstrating how LID can add value to a development project while protecting the essential values that make Lake George a world-class natural treasure,” explained Eric Siy, The FUND’s executive director. “The LID Certification System is integral to The FUND’s Legacy Strategy to protect Lake George for the next generation.  Moreover, it is being designed for wide adoption well beyond our shores,” Siy said. Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky and Michele Adams, principal of Meliora Design, will present the case for this new system in a joint session of the LID conference.

This year’s LID conference is taking place on Thursday, May 1, from 8:30am to 4:30pm, at the Holiday Inn in Lake George. Professional engineers may obtain continuing education credits, and Land Use Training Certificates are available for local review board members. The Town of Lake George and Kevin Roth of Filtrexx New York are conference sponsors. This event is offered free of charge and limited space is still available. To register online or view more information, including a full conference schedule, visit fundforlakegeorge.org/LIDconference.

The FUND for Lake George is a privately funded not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of Lake George. Formed in 1980, The FUND applies a science-based approach to protection focused on Lake George water quality and the overall health of the Lake George watershed. The FUND pursues this mission through support of long-term scientific research, direct advocacy, and strategic partnerships with diverse public and private interests. The FUND recently adopted its Legacy Strategy that embraces environmental and economic imperatives as now required to protect Lake George for the next generation. The FUND sponsors the Lake George Waterkeeper among other programs on Lake George. The FUND for Lake George is managed by a Board of Trustees and maintains an office in Lake George. For more on the FUND’s work, visit fundforlakegeorge.org.



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