Bolton Septic System Inspection Law Now in Force

Lake George Mirror

The Town of Bolton’s new law requiring on-site septic systems to be inspected and in compliance with state and local standards before a property is sold or otherwise conveyed is now in force.

The law was adopted May 7 and took effect September 1.

Failure to comply with the law could result in fines of up to $500 a week.

Real Estate agents, homeowners, contractors and anyone else interested in the details of Bolton’s town-wide, on-site wastewater treatment system inspection program may access a recently completed document, “Bolton Septic Inspection Program Booklet” at the town’s website (boltonnewyork. com.) A published version may be purchased from the Planning and Zoning Department in the Town Hall for $10.

According to Supervisor Ron Conover, the inspection of all on-site wastewater treatment systems before a property is sold or transferred was a key recommendation of a committee of citizens charged with updating Bolton’s Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan. New York’s Department of State formally approved the plan in 2018.

Over time, Conover predicted, inspections will become routine

matters, ultimately reducing the number of aging or failing systems within the watershed.

In the Town of Queensbury, which adopted a similar law for waterfront properties in 2018, homeowners are adjusting to its new inspection law easily, seeking inspections even before their homes go on the market, Conover said.

Lake George Waterkeeper Chris Navitsky and the Lake George Association are among those supporting the new legislation.

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