A Major Milestone for Lake George: First Comprehensive Mapping of Lake Bed Completed

Buzz Lamb
August 4, 2014

According to Eric Siy, executive director of the Fund for Lake George, the mapping of the bottom of Lake George has been completed.  Substructure Hydrographic Surveys, a company from Portsmouth. N.H.   hired by Jefferson Project partners The Fund, IBM and Rennselaer, just completed an extensive analysis of the entire lake bed.

Bill Jenkins, chief of survey for Substructure, said the vessel used for mapping is the only one in the world equipped with the software capable of completing a project of this scope.  “As far as acquisition goes and data collection, we are complete,” Jenkins said.  “It is a huge accomplishment.

Tom Reis, pilot of “Mintaka” (one of two vessels used in the project), said about 1,000 hours were spent on preparation of each vessel and over 1,000 hours were spent on the actual survey.  “We traveled approximately 9,000 miles going back and forth and up and down the lake,” he said. “At times a crew of up to 10 people was involved in the mapping project.”

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