Bolton Septic System Inspection Law Now in Force

September 13, 2019, Lake George Mirror | The Town of Bolton’s new law requiring on-site septic systems to be inspected and in compliance with state and local standards before a property is sold or otherwise conveyed is now in force.


Launch Lockdown

September 10, 2019, Sun Community News | Two boat launches in northern Lake George will be locked down after hours as part of a pilot program to increase protection from aquatic invasive species on the Lake. The overnight closure will be maintained through the month of October, and effect the Mossy Point and Rogers Rock launches.


Blog: King George Fishing Derby Next Weekend

September 8, 2019, The Post Star | Columnist Don Lehman writes that the fifth annual King George Fishing Derby will bring anglers to Lake George next weekend to raise money to help protect the Lake.


Lake George Boat Launches To Be Closed Overnight

September 2, 2019, Adirondack Almanack | The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has announced that they will begin closing the gates at the Mossy Point and Rogers Rock Boat Launches on Lake George on September 6 as part of a pilot program to increase protection from aquatic invasive species on the lake.


Boat Launch Changes Slated for Two on Lake George

August 30, 2019, The Post Star | A new pilot program this fall will experiment with closing gates at two Lake George boat launches, according to the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Press Release

DEC Boat Launch Gates Will Help Slam the Door to Aquatic Invasive Species in Lake George

August 29, 2019 | The FUND for Lake George commends the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for taking yet another critical step in securing the strongest possible protection of Lake George from aquatic invasive species. The FUND for Lake George is pleased to have provided the funding for the installation of call boxes at both launches so that boaters who are unable to get off the water before the gates close are able to contact DEC to arrange for assistance.


Advanced Research Making Lake George "Smartest" in World

August 24, 2019, Daily Gazette | "Lake George is, now, the smartest lake in the world," says Eric Siy, executive director of The FUND for Lake George, thanks to an unprecedented, collaborative effort between The FUND, IBM Research and RPI to create The Jefferson Project — the world's most advanced environmental monitoring project.


FUND Set to Finance Septic Upgrades in Lake George

August 23, 2019, Lake George Mirror | Residents of the Town of Lake George who agree to have their septic systems inspected and maintained will be eligible for grants to modernize and improve them. Of the town’s nearly 400 septic systems within 500 feet of the shore of Lake George and 100 feet of major tributaries, one-third are near or past their life expectancy, which is thirty to forty years.


Lake-wide Clean-Up Day Aug. 3

August 2, 2019, Lake George Mirror | A lake-wide clean-up day, sponsored by The FUND and Lake George Waterkeeper, will be held on Saturday, August 3.


Annual Meeting Set for The FUND for Lake George

June 16, 2019, The Post Star | Harmful algal blooms, road salt, invasive species, public and private projects, and other water quality topics will be covered at The FUND for Lake George’s annual meeting.